Sunday, December 17, 2017

President: Elizabeth Nichols
Treasurer: Lucienne Tamis
Secretary: Leanne Chatziopoulos

I will be taken the time over the Christmas break to re-evaluate my role in basketball at Coburg.
Merry Christmas, Happy new Year and enjoy your well earnt break.
Annual General Meeting - Presidents Report 17/12/17

The Newlands Basketball Club was established in 2007, our aim is to actively engage and involve our community in the benefits of participating, supporting and enjoying all aspects of basketball.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the excitement and the joy of the game of basketball. We will teach skills associated with our sport, teach our members to be team players, provide training and games at safe and healthy venues.
The Newlands Basketball Club is managed by family and friends of players.
All committee and team officials are volunteers.
We come from, represent and reflect our community.
We will enrich, connect and include everyone.
We actively and enthusiastically participate in every aspect of the game and promote the club by working together, helping others, encouraging and being involved.
 2017 has been a year where we have focussed on stabilising our teams rather than growing them. We achieved this and were also able to increase the number of teams.  We now have 36 teams playing for this season.
2017 year included:
  • Summer 2017 finals (Results and updates are available on the Newlands Blog and face book page.)
  • Winter 2017 finals
  • Introduction of 4-5 year old Academy
  • Coaching clinics (More planned for 2018)
  • Increased numbers of teams, players, coaches, team managers and referees
  • Increased number of Coburg Giants representative players
  • Coaching clinics
  • Bunnings BBQ Coburg
  • Pink and Blue round
  • Introduction of coaches being remunerated.
2018 will include:
  • Introduction of under 8 girls team
  • More coaching clinics
  • And many of the activities from last year
For the first time I am adding some things that excite me and some opportunities for improvement.
  • Academy
  • Under 8 girls teams
  • Coaching clinics
  • Improve stadium facilities such as the drink fountain and roof repairs
  • Number of junior coaches
  • Our huge number of other volunteers
  • Club comradeship
  • Number of Newlands sponsored referees
  • Club socks
  • Under 20 girls team
  • 3 out of 5 under 20 boys teams
  • Coaches remuneration program
  • Hard work of Luci and Liz
Opportunities for improvement
·         More coaches are required
·         Establishing a club committee
·         More people becoming involved at committee level
Executive committee
President/Chairperson                                                                  Wilton McDonald
Treasurer                                                                                          Liz Nichols
Secretary/Administrator                                                               Liz Nichols & Luci Tamis
Teams  Co-ordinators                                                                     Luci Tamis
Fundraising Co-ordinator                                                              Luci Tamis
Teams Summer 2018
Juniors – Leopards, Grasshoppers, Roses, Jaguars, Ravens, Gladiators, Pumas, Thunderbolts, Cougars, Doves,
Bucks v Eagles, United, Wildcats, Opals, Panthers, City, Knights, Rockets, Boomers, Vixens, Heat, Spurs, Victory, Colts, Emeralds, Lightning, Bobcats, Vipers, Vikings, Titans, Diamonds, Tigers, Ballers, Spirit, Kings
Current – Giants men & Chicks ladies
On behalf of the Newlands Basketball Club, thank you all for being part of and responsible for making us the success we are particularly over the last 12 months.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Games for Saturday 16th of  December 2017
Round six (6)
8.30 - Leopards (crt4), Grasshoppers (CSH5),
9.15 - Roses (crt3), Gladiators (CSH5), Pumas (SJG7)
10.00 - Thunderbolts (crt1), Cougars (crt2),
10.45 - Doves (crt2), Bucks v Eagles (crt1), United (CSH5),
11.30 - Wildcats (crt2), Opals (CSH5), Panthers (PVG6),
12.15 - City (CSH5), Knights v Rockets (SJG7)
1.00 - Boomers (crt3), Vixens (CSH5),
1.45 - Heat (crt1), Spurs (crt2), Victory (crt3), Colts (crt4), Emeralds (PVG6), 
2.30 - Lightning (crt1),
3.15 - Bobcats (crt2), Vipers (crt4),
4.00 - Vikings (crt1), Titans (crt4),
4.45 - Diamonds (crt3),Tigers (crt4),
5.30 - Ballers v Spirit (crt3),

Byes - Jaguars, Ravens, Kings
For clash teams the first mentioned team is to use to white tops. 
Please contact Liz to organise the white tops.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Games for Saturday 9th of  December 2017
Round Five (5)
8.30 - Grasshoppers (CSH5),
9.15 - No Newlands games
10.00 - Eagles (crt1), Ravens (crt3), Gladiators (CSH5), 
10.45 - Bucks v Pumas (crt3), Doves (CSH5), Thunderbolts (PVG6),
11.30 - Cougars (crt4), Wildcats (SJG7)
12.15 - Opals v Panthers (PVG6),
1.00 - No Newlands games
1.45 - Rockets (crt3), Knights v Boomers (crt4), Lightning (PVG6), Emeralds (SJG7)
2.30 - Victory (crt1), Spurs (crt2),
3.15 - Colts v Heat (crt3),
4.00 - Tigers (crt1), Titans (crt2),
4.45 - Diamonds (crt1),
5.30 - Spirit (crt1), Kings v Ballers (crt2),

Byes - Leopards, Jaguars, United, City,  Bobcats, Vikings, Vipers,  Roses, Vixens
For clash teams the first mentioned team is to use to white tops. 
Please contact Liz to organise the white tops.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Games for Saturday 2nd of  December 2017
Round Four
8.30 - Leopards (crt4), Jaguars (CSH5),
9.15 - Roses (crt3), Gladiators (CSH5), Ravens (PVG6),
10.00 - Thunderbolts (crt1), 
10.45 - Doves (crt2), Eagles v Pumas (crt3), United (CSH5), Panthers (SJG7)
11.30 - Bucks (crt2), Opals (CSH5),
12.15 - Wildcats (crt3), City (CSH5),
1.00 - Knights (crt4), Vixens (CSH5),
1.45 - Boomers v Rockets (crt3), Lightning (crt4),
2.30 - Bobcats (crt2), Colts (crt3), Victory (crt4),
3.15 - Vipers (crt3), Heat (crt4),
4.00 - No Newlands games
4.45 - No Newlands games
5.30 - Ballers (crt1), Kings (crt2),Diamonds (crt3),

Byes - Grasshoppers, Cougars, Spurs, Vikings, Titans, Tigers, Emeralds, Spirit
For clash teams the first mentioned team is to use to white tops. 
Please contact Liz to organise the white tops.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Games for Saturday 25th of  November 2017
Round Three
8.30 - Leopards (crt3), Grasshoppers (CSH5), Jaguars (SJG7)
9.15 - Roses (crt2), Ravens (SJG7)
10.00 - Gladiators (CSH5), Pumas (SJG7)
10.45 - Doves (crt1), Thunderbolts (crt2), Eagles (walkover), United (CSH5), 
11.30 - Bucks (crt3), Cougars (crt4), Panthers (SJG7)
12.15 - Opals (crt1), Wildcats (walkover), City (CSH5),
1.00 - Vixens (CSH5), Emeralds (PVG6), Boomers (SJG7)
1.45 - Knights (crt3), Rockets (crt4), Heat (CSH5), Colts (SJG7)
2.30 - Spurs (crt2), Victory (PVG6),
3.15 - Vikings (crt2), Lightning (crt4),
4.00 - Bobcats (crt1), Tigers (crt2), Vipers (crt4),
4.45 - Diamonds (crt4), 
5.30 - Ballers (crt1), Spirit (walkover given), Kings (crt3),

Byes -  Titans,
Walkover received - Eagles, Wildcats
For clash teams the first mentioned team is to use to white tops. 
Please contact Liz to organise the white tops.